Saturday, July 26, 2008

Private Tour of Nationals Park

So my friends and I got a private tour of the new Nationals Park. Highlights were the $400K/per year suite, the locker room and the dugout. The 'President's Club' seating (which are the seats pictured behind me) have access to a private bar which has windows that allow you to see batters take batting practice during the game. The batting cage is just inside the dugout steps and players use it quite often during the game .

I also got to throw a pitch in the Nats bullpen which was entertaining. They had a fake batter setup where people are suppose to throw strikes but of course I went for the plastic batter. I just missed but gave it some good chin music (video in link).

Monday, July 14, 2008


So after a nice weekend with the family in PA...I drove back to DC since my friend scored 2 free tix to Cruefest (Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Sixx AM, Trapt, and Papa Roach). It was absolutely monsooning most of the show but it cleared up by the time the Crue came on stage. It was a great set as's the opening.

The scene in the parking lot was white-trashy as could be. There were a lot of really young kids there dressed so inappropriately I cannot even begin to explain. There were mullets everywhere and I was in the minority of people wearing a t-shirt. Either way, the Crue put on an amazing show, and I was extremely surprised at how good Buckcherry was. I downloaded their 3 albums this morning and all 3 are quality. I look forward to seeing them again.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shark Attack

So here are the pictures from the last wedding I was at where my friends ran into the Aquarium mascot in the hotel and had it wake me up. Full story is here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Party @ the Iceland Embassy

So my friend Joe and I hit a party last night at the Iceland Embassy. When we first walked in, my first reaction was 'this is going to suck.' But things changed pretty quick. The party was at the Ambassador's gorgeous house in NW DC off Mass Ave.

Now, as a habit, I usually bring back a bottle of liquor from whatever country I visit. Two years ago, I was sitting in the Reykjavik airport on the way home upset I failed in my task. Since the airport was busy, an old lady asked to share my table. She immediately started talking about "Black Death" Icelandic icon and that it was available at duty free. I picked up a bottle and brought it back to the States. My friends absolutely HATED this liquor. It's good for getting you bombed and sparking dry heaves on the way down. It took a year to finish which says everything about its flavor. I actually don't mind it that much. To describe it, I'd say it's a clear liquor with a faint licorice kick at the end.

When I was talking with the Ambassador, I asked him "What? No Black Death at this party?" He looked at me sternly but grinning and replied "You want some?" I replied "Absolutely." He walked into the back and emerged with a frozen bottle of Black Death (real name Brennivin). He plopped it on the bar and we got after it. Not sure where or how but a 2nd bottle emerged that I wanted no part of. All in all and we met some great people, and I definitely look forward to the next one.

Freezing the bottle and shot glasses was huge. The bottle that we drank in the States was room temperature for the first half of the bottle. He said it is also custom to chase it with Viking beer, another key step we didn't know.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nigerian Scam Letters (Part I)

So my cousin has been forwarding me some of those email scam letters he gets from Africa. Some of them are too funny not to post, here's a recent one:

Subject: A little token for a email that i hope finds you well...

my name is mongo bongo and i am the prince of a little known island in the strait of Magellan. i lost 50 "fifty" million dollars and need your bank account information to find it. once you give me the information i will deposit 1 "one" million dollars into your account you greedy little bored email reader. please respond immediately or my hands will be cut off.

yours in peace, war and prosperity,

mongo bongo